I need help...my house is in disrepair! I am overwhelmed and want to know if I can sell?

Sometimes it seems we want change in our lives but don't know where to start. Homes can fall into disrepair (i.e. plumbing, termite, electrical, roof leaks and, over grown landscaping.) Selling may not seem possible however we can assure you that it is. We have ALL CASH buyers and they can be a solution to finding your way out and to a new beginning. 

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This is how it works!

Fast Closings: 
No listing your home and no waiting to find a buyer. The buyers pay ALL CASH which means no waiting on the bank to approve a buyer's loan. No bank appraisals and this means...no waiting for your money.

Low Transaction Fees: 
You don't have to waste your valuable time and money marketing your home or showing it to strangers. We have ALL CASH buyers we bring directly to you. No stress with handling the paperwork...we still help you every step of the way and walk you through the escrow process so you can focus on moving on to a new chapter in your life. We are committed to drastically reduce Realtor fees as you are not marketing your home and do not have to pay any buyer's agent commission. 

No Repairs:

The Buyers purchase houses in “as is” condition so you do not have to pay to repair your disrepair home not even termite work.

No Clean up:

If you have lived in your property for many years, we understand you might not know what to do with everything.  Typically, the Buyers will let you leave behind anything you do not want such as old furniture, appliances, clothes, etc.  The Buyers will do the Clean Up!


We understand there can be private and complicated issues involved with selling your home.  Because we respect you our conversations will remain confidential. No sign goes up on your home and we will be discrete. 

No Pressure:

We know selling a home is an important decision and we want to provide you with the tools to make an informative decision.   However, if you decide you are not ready or need more time, we understand and there is no obligation to sell if you don't like the price or the terms.

Moving On:

Even if you do not end up selling your house, we will be happy to share ideas on what you might try next. 


So if you are thinking “how can I sell in this condition and move on with life?” we can help you!